Undergraduate Major Project
Interaction design
Visual identity design
Product design 
Information design
User experience design
Digital design
Qualitative surveying
Timeline 12 weeks
Winner in the Institute of Designers Ireland Graduate Design Awards 2021 (Interaction Design, Product Design Social) (Commended: Design for Digital, Brand Identity)
UX Design Awards 2022 New Talent Nominee from the International Design Centre Berlin
Young Ones ADC Merit Award winner from The One Club for Creativity in the Design for Good Interactive category
Featured on the Institute of Art, Design and Technology Dún Laoghaire website.
Over 58% of mothers surveyed would have liked more support while recovering from childbirth. 67% needed more emotional support in the weeks after childbirth. Mamóg is a postpartum care package funded and distributed by the health service that provides the childbirth recovery support and emotional support so many new mothers need. 
Physical recovery support is achieved with an ultrasound cushion and AI-powered companion app, which monitors and facilitates a new mother’s recovery from birth, until their six week checkup. Emotional support comes through a network of volunteer mothers or ‘Mamóg mentors’ accessible on the app.
The Mamóg ultrasound cushion scans the user’s surface wounds, pelvis and biomarkers to ensure the recovery is going smoothly. This information is relayed to their doctor and to the Mamóg app where the user can easily view it and ask any questions they may have. The app will inform them if something is abnormal or wrong, and advise contacting the doctor if needed. 
Emotional support from mothers who have volunteered for the six week period is available through the app. These ‘Mamóg mentors’ can toggle an online/offline status. The trustworthy, regulated network of mothers paired with Mamóg’s technology provides mothers with an informed and supportive postpartum recovery journey.
Following childbirth, a new mother’s doctor can assess if they need Mamóg to assist in their recovery when they return home, or alternatively she can request it. Reasons for needing extra monitoring range widely from a caesarian section, to difficulty in birth, to a pre-existing medical condition. 
Campaign featured outside of the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street, Dublin.
Care package including the Mamóg ultrasound cushion and setup guide booklet.
Setup booklet front and back
Mamóg app dashboard
Mamóg app walkthrough
Onboarding process

Daily Scanning

Interacting with Mamóg mentors for emotional support

Notifying user of a problem based on urgency

Exhibition stand design
For all backup work, see this Miro board
To the wonderful 45 mothers who shared their time, knowledge and personal experiences, to Sharon Peek for her help in data collection and user feedback, and to Dr. Siobhan Hennessy and Dr. Terence Hennessy MD for their medical insights – thank you very much.

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