Exhibition design
Editorial book design
Laser cutting
Critical and contextual studies
100 years of the Bauhaus legacy was celebrated in 2019, and I saw this as a crucial time to bring the women of the Bauhaus to the forefront, who have been denied due credit and fame for the past 100 years. This issue persists today, where women are still not awarded the same credit as men in a myriad of ways. 
The editorial, exhibition and catalogues celebrate the work of three Bauhaus women who have made enormous contributions to their respective disciplines. These women all had male adversaries or counterparts that were awarded infinitely more credit than them despite their achievements.
Promotional posters
The 3D promotional structures are based on the Bauhaus shapes (circle, square, triangle). A shape is allocated to each woman, decorated with their respective colour and the discipline in which they were a master (photography, weaving, metalwork). Pieces of the structures are subtracted or missing, reiterating the credit taken from these women. 
Welcome Desk
Welcome Desk
The welcome desk and signage directing to the Anni Albers exhibit
A screenprinted tote bag with a handmade box containing the catalogues is given at the exhibition entrance. The fabric bag and catalogue box emulate the Bauhaus disciplines of wood, metal, glass, textiles etc. Credit is literally cut away with laser cutting. 
Suite of catalogues
Catalogue 1: Lucia Moholy-Nagy
Catalogue 2: Marianne Brandt
Catalogue 3: Anni Albers
Each catalogue includes a sleeve of postcards featuring the Bauhaus woman's work from the catalogue.
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