Title sequence design
Motion design

Poster design
Music production
Sound editing
Timeline 7 weeks
Awarded Silver in the Indigo Design Awards 2021 Main Title Design student category, featured on the Institute of Art, Design and Technology Dún Laoghaire website.

Three teenagers finishing school head off on a camping trip for the weekend before college begins. Despite being longtime friends, they struggle with a love triangle that exists between them. Lust, jealousy and secrecy begins to tear them apart while an ancient supernatural force starts to close in on them.
The Nymph title sequence captures the mood of the film, an Irish horror by genre. The sequence is suspenseful and emulates ancient supernatural power without giving away the story. Primitive, creeping lines represent the ancient force hunting them. As the tension builds, so too do the patterns, ultimately making up the title of the film itself. The music is an original composition.
Title Sequence
Key Compositions
Promotional Poster
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