Interdisciplinary design
User testing
Timeline 6 weeks
Be the first Duck across the pond to get to the bread. Crumb Run is the large-scale, hand-made, super soft board game that lets children move around and play while they practice counting and reading. Crumb Run’s design is vibrant, practical and inclusive. 
Children with dyspraxia, autism, or learning difficulties are often very engaged with soft or tactile objects in their surroundings, making Crumb Run fantastic fun for more children than any other board game. The fabric is machine washable, fire retardant and bears no choking hazard, giving parents peace of mind and an easier clean-up.
According to the National Autistic Society, many autistic people have sensory issues. This can affect one or more of the senses and they can be either over-developed (hypersensitive) or under-developed (hyposensitive). Both can have an impact on how people experience different environments. Furniture, soft furnishings and flooring can all be used to create a calm space. It is also common for individuals with autism to take great interest and comfort in soft, tactile objects.
Machine washable and soft backpack packaging, for comfy journeys and easy cleaning.
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