Visual Identity
Timeline 3 weeks
Graphis New Talent Annual 2022 selection and honourable mention

Dreamcatchr is a modern opera from the Royal Irish Academy of Music. While traditional operas are centred around romance and deception, Dreamcatchr is more modern in its themes, characters and musical score.
Jane, who lives with her sister Polly, becomes obsessed with the creation of an app that will catch her dreams. Her constant coding and obsession with Dreamcatchr begins a breakdown in their relationship and a deterioration of her mental state, as she plunges further into her world of dreams. 
My opera identity is inspired by the line ‘I wrote a code to catch a dream and caught a flash of green.’ The design aims to simultaneously capture Jane’s entrapment in her world made of code and the desperation she feels to reach a breakthrough. The code in the poster is code used to create dreamscapes in computer games.
Tickets and postcards.
Users would be able to interact with the coding from the poster through an instagram filter. The user can push, pull and move the code like the hands in the poster. It could be a great way of getting people to interact with the opera and feel apart of it, at cinema screenings or at home.
Promotional posts for the Royal Irish Academy of Music's Instagram page are featured above. As well as the opera being more modern, the promotional strategies also needed to be modern. The client placed an emphasis on digital media to reach a large amount of people, while producing the more traditional ephemera such as postcards to prevent alienating loyal opera fans.
Promotional projection piece on Liberty Hall, Dublin.
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