Web design
Art direction
User experience design
Competitor analysis
Stacey O'Carroll
Emma Connolly
Timeline 7 weeks

The Irish Underwater Council, or Diving Ireland, is the governing body for underwater sports in Ireland. They wanted a website redesign and campaign that would attract new members, as well as retain its current ones.
Diving Ireland needed a responsive website that appealed to their current audience, attracted new members and showcased how extraordinary diving is. From scuba diving, to snorkelling and underwater hockey, Diving Ireland cater to a wide age group of people with varied levels of skill, so the website required a simple system that was easy to navigate for current and potential members alike. We achieved this system with a visual twist that engages people while being clean and easy to use. The fun imagery shines without compromising functionality.
When divers are doing mundane, everyday tasks, they are often thinking about the next time they can dive. Diving is extraordinary, making those who do it stand out. The uniquity of the sport is shown in a humorous way in the photographs. The different diving disciplines are clear and users can quickly find what type of diving will suit their needs and expertise, what courses are available and what equipment they need.
A short introduction and quick, essential links are at the start of the homepage scroll. The site is fully responsive for mobile. Websites on average are accessed by mobile over 200% more than on desktopThe bottom of the homepage scroll (the seabed) has a fun explore feature for popular dive sites around Ireland.
When the project came to the coding phase, my main task was coding the event calendar. Years, months and days are easily navigated between each other. Days with scheduled events are clearly marked pink. When the event is clicked on, it links to that event's information page.
This project has been designed, produced and coded by Eadaoin Hennessy, Stacey O'Carroll and Emma Connolly.
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