Visual Identity
Awareness Campaign
Timeline 1 week

The Irish Inherited Cardiac Conditions Network genetically screens, treats and supports families who have suffered, or are at risk of suffering, a sudden cardiac death. They wanted an identity that integrated genetics, cardiology and family.
The identity has compassion and reliability – hearts shaped as a family form the logo – to convey emotion without losing a medical, reliable feel. The effect of sudden cardiac death is tragic. Victims are often young, physically active and were unaware of the risk. The network additionally needed an awareness campaign for sudden cardiac death in Ireland that would direct people towards the network's services. The tone is informative, but slightly emotive. 
A family composed of three interlinked hearts forms the logo.
It was important that the network could be recognised across the country and unite the doctors that joined the network. Emphasis was placed on how one unified service could streamline and improve the entire cardiac screening process.
The awareness campaign follows a similar format to other medical charities, where posters and small items like wrist bands and badges can be easily and widely distributed on a small budget.
The information brochures found in an IICCN supported practice have a compassionate tone while being simple enough to explain the medical information clearly.
"We asked Eadaoin to design a logo for the new Irish Inherited   Cardiac Conditions Network. She came up with a warm, inclusive   design which somehow encompassed family, heart disease and the   risk of loss of a loved one. We were thrilled with her innovative   logo and our family members – some of whom have lost a child –   were very moved by her work."
 - Dr Joseph Galvin, Consultant Cardiologist and founder of the           IICCN, Mater University Hospital, Dublin
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