Visual identity
Communications audit
User experience design
Peter Evers 
Nadine Kennedy
Rebecca Wright
Jess Whelan
Timeline 8 weeks

Change Donations is a digital donation company that rounds up user's daily transactions and donates the difference to charity. They have partnerships with a wide range of charities across Ireland. Through an Enterprise Ireland Innovation voucher, we were asked to deliver a rebrand that would stimulate the company's growth.
They needed a friendly, confident and secure brand identity. It needed to convey positivity and showcase their noble mission, while being secure enough for users to trust them with daily transactions and bank details. 
Following a comprehensive communications audit, the team developed a modular system of vibrant circles and concentric lines to create a holistic brand across mobile, web, and promotional platforms. The new language lexicon ensured a consistent, encouraging and confident tone of voice the user could trust. Now a top financial tech company in Ireland, we wish them continued success.

Change Donations did not want to completely change the logo but
wanted the existing one cleaned up.
Website homepage
Homepage on mobile

App onboarding screens

App donation dashboard
For the donation dashboard and onboarding process, it was vital that Change Donations conveyed security and transparency without losing the friendliness of the brand. With transparency, users can donate with peace of mind, but most importantly they can see that they are really making a difference by using the app.
The icons are made of the same circular, modular grid system. Minimal, elegant and easy to code for developers.
Change Donations work with many charities. A big challenge was how to promote partnerships without one brand drowning out the other. This instagram post serves as a template for co-branding promotions.
I additionally constructed a case study for Enterprise Ireland to show future Innovation Voucher applicants. A core aim of the case study was to promote the value of visual communication design. This case study can be read above.
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