Visual Identity
Art Direction
Laser Cutting
Model Making
Megan Walsh
Timeline 3 weeks

Every year, 50,000,000 metric tonnes of electronic waste goes to landfill or incinerators globally. Iameco, tired of the throwaway culture in the tech industry, manufacture computers, tablets and laptops that are 95% recyclable with a minimum 10 year lifespan. Their tech is modular, upgradeable, repairable and completely energy-efficient.
Iameco needed a brand identity that showcased their manufacturing of unique and recyclable electronic devices. Their computers, laptops and tablets are the only certified eco-friendly computers in the world. Iameco wanted to not only highlight this important difference from competitors – but to also raise awareness of the damage electronic waste does to the environment
The design solution is a tangible, recyclable world made from paper models that show the life cycle of Iameco products, the goodwill of the brand, the value of modular components and how these all contribute to their sustainable goal. Iameco are eco-activists through their truly unique products, so the brand needed to reflect this uniquity and ingenuity.
The promotional campaign consists of posters, billboards and instagram posts that convey iameco's ethos. Abstract paper models of flora, fauna, homes and the natural environment are testaments to the things we need to protect by buying an iameco device. Paper as a material refers to the wood the tablets are made of and how the devices are 95% recyclable. The paper is woodstock recyclable paper from Paper Assist.
The world up in flames, the product knocking competitors off the podium (the apple being a direct reference) and modular little pieces swapping in and out of the computer all convey iameco's core values in a comedic way. The serious undertones are offset by the appealing, lighthearted visual language and show that iameco are driving change.
Using the same imagery from the promotional campaign, the website is immediately recogniseable as being iameco’s. The images are used to support sections throughout the website and give it consistency.
The packaging is made from recyclable cardboard that has been screenprinted with a revolutionary plant-based ink. The ink is derived from spirulina. Patagonia used this ink to print their bouldering book. The ink is environmentally friendly and far more suitable than petroleum-based inks for iameco’s product packaging.
The pattern on the packaging is based off the laser-cut flats from the paper models. This flat forms anything spherical from the paper world like the globe. The flats are interesting graphic maps for the laser cutter and we wanted to make further use of them outside of the lab.
Project has been designed, produced, assembled and photographed by Eadaoin Hennessy and Megan Walsh.
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