Environment Design 
Visual Merchandising
Timeline 4 weeks

While interning at Kubator Austria, NBG Fiber needed a wayfinding and signage system that enabled visitors and employees alike to navigate the NBG campus in a safe, easy way. The visuals needed to be effective for both the staff who work there and for the visitors who come to see how fiber optics are made. 
Abstractions of the fiber optic cables are combined with a bright and friendly colour palette. The forms can be minimal or complex depending on what is required, making it suitable for the various different buildings, environments and machinery throughout the NBG campus.
The campus consists of five buildings, including their fiber optic laboratories and manufacturing facilities. Karl Bauer – founder and CEO of NBG – frequently gives tours of the campus to clients, investors and visitors. He wanted these tours to have a vibrant but functional visual system for safety and display.
Rooms in the NBG Hive building are named after characters from Maya and the Bee, a favourite show of the CEO and his family when his kids were growing up. I thought this was a nice touch as all the family take part in the business.
Visitors are greeted with a bag holding some snacks and are offered a cup of tea or coffee - the campus is quite large so having some snacks might come in handy. 
Towards the end of the project, NBG also wanted the graphic forms on the company Teslas. This was super exciting and I even got to take a Tesla Model-3 for a cheeky test drive.
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